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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 14, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hi, everyone. i'm beth troutman. it's friday. we've got some great videos to show you, so let's get started "right this minute." rescue at 19,000 feet. a helicopter tries to reach an injured woman, but the mission is so dangerous -- >> it took six landing attempts. >> see what it takes to pluck a hiker out of thin air. disturbing video as the cops shoot the man 11 times. four of the times he was already on the ground. so was the officer justified? here what investigators have to say. you haven't lived until you' been this close to a volcano atnight. why nature's lava la is tourist. a go-cart halls down a city street. but -- >> watch what happens when the light turns red. >> oh -- >> the video we're watching
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comes to us from dean. you see a group of climbers descending a peak in nepal. it's hard to breathe, easy to hyper ventilate. not to mention a storm came through and made temperatures 20 degrees fahrenheit. what if i told you right before this video, one of the members of their group had a pretty serious accident. a woman named debra fell about 15 feet. in doing so shattered her ankle and lower leg. in these photos from dean, you see part of the rescue attempt. this is some scary stuff because debra is saying things like i don't want to die. at 19,000 feet, anything is possible. >> it's not like they can call emergency services. >> they are on their own but did get some help. they are able to rig up a rope rescue that got her to a safe area where a helicopter could come pick her up. the helicopter did make it but not without issues.
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it took six landing attempts for this helicopter to get where they needed to be. >> did they stay with her? >> they had to. people were giving her clothing off their back. she's airlifted to kathmandu to undergo surgery on her leg. >> if you're the rest of the climbers, how do you not want to jump into the helicopter, too. >> on the way to rescue debra, they picked up a dead body located on mt. everest. >> let me get this straight. the woman is rescued by a helicopter carrying a dead body. >> it sounds like the worst mix of all the bad things that can happen. but she is recovering. dean also told us where she fell was probably the best place she could have fallen. so james moody of the police department in california was cleared of the fatal shooting. but the family of the victim say they want murder charges. i'm about to show you a video and i must warn you, it is quite dramatic and very graphic.
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>> hands up. hands up. don't you move. i will shoot you. hands up now. on the ground on your back now. >> no! >> what you just saw was officer moody shoot ernesto 11 times. four of those times he was olt ground. the woman you saw coming out screaming was his wife whitney. the reason they were after him, they say he was wanted for an alleged domestic violence situation from earlier in the day. he is a parolee. the san joaquin county's d.a.'s office said officer moody was justified. he said he thought the victim had a throwing knife. a throwing knife was found in the back of the truck. investigators say when they looked at the video, it did appear that the victim had a
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knife at the beginning of the footage. >> when the guy got out of the truck, though, was he coming at the officer or was he saying, okay, hands up. i give up. >> it's interesting you say that the attorney for the family john burris said that this man was not acting aggressively towards the officer. he was trying to give himself up and turn himself in. but the district attorney's office said, no, this was justified. now, moody is back on the force. >> why was this video released to the public? >> the attorney for the family released the video. they want the justice department and u.s. attorney to file murder charges against the officer. >> the volcano started spewing ash and lava. you can see the smoke rising. wait until you see images of this volcano at night. >> oh, boy. >> color, fire, trees even on fire. this volcano has set dormant for
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40 years, which is why people are so excited about the fact it is spewing lava. get this. tourists who want to go see this thing, there are tour groups that will take you there from the nearest village by suv, by van. it's a 10-hour ride. it costs anywhere from 650 to $1,050 to take this little tour. >> thank you. i don't want to go see evil volcano that can spew enough lava to get me. >> it's crazy, a volcano erupting and people are running towards it instead of paying money to get away. i've seen the video purchase the videos are beautiful. the videos have been popping up all over the web of this volcano. take a look at this image. you can see just how tiny people look and how close they are getting to the spewing lava. >> the craziest thing, this is also a russian volcano. you never know what could happen that we don't know about.
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>> there could be baseball bats and crow bars and bottles of vodka, machine guns flying out of that thing. >> you never know. >> if i had the means, i think i would do it. i think it would be a real adventure. we hear a lot about the drones in the military. what about the drone for personal warfare. that's a guy at dangerous information wanted to find out. they went out and built their own drone with a kit they found on the internet and they gave it the works. >> six rotors for maximum payload. on board video and transmission system for remote operation. we went further by adding a mount for a handgun to see how safe or dangerous a manned drone would be for a civilian. >> it's attempting to use it for spy purposes. >> that doesn't mean it's any more legal than it would be without a drone.
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if you use a drone to spy on a neighbor, you could go to jail. >> this feels like the next round of scary paparazzi. they are going to start getting photos of celebs through that crack in their blinds while they are in the shower or with their family. >> this video does a good service of highlighting what possible and what may be in our future. this demonstration just shows what could happen if it gets into the wrong hands. so can you arm a drone? >> for testing purposes we're using this, a realistic handgun paint ball marker that only shoots these, 11 millimeter, nonlethal paint balls. >> i iteffective? let's watch. >> snap. >> these are pretty accurate. >> considering the growing popularity of these devices, it seems inevitable they will be used in ways the inventors and manufacturers could have never imagined. a 4-year-old girl ballottle
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brain tumor with the help of a very special daughter. >> the dad said to me, will i ever get to walk my daughter at her wedding. >> right now chloe is doing well. find out what the doctors ordered now that makes this story even better. >> that's huge. >> and there's something very wrong with this festive light display. >> oh, no. >> you are kidding me. >> see how some holiday pranksters decided to deck the halls t
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this is dr. alex levy. he's a childhood cancer specialist at the arnold palmer hospital. he put this video to tell a pretty heart wrenching story. >> on christmas eve i got called because there was a young girl 4 years old who came in to the
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emergency room the night before with vomiting, headaches, trouble walking. >> he's telling the story of a 4-year-old little girl named chloe. >> when we did some mris of her brain, she was found to have a brain tumor. i'll never forget that the dad said to me, will i ever get to walk my daughter at her wedding. >> this is chloe's dad. they were brave enough to let this story be heard. chloe had to undergo a great deal of treatment. right now chloe is doing well. she's a vibrant young girl. >> she's been off of therapy now for six months. she's actually doing great. she doesn't have any evidence of a tumor whatsoever. i told the father, the only thing i ever want is to be able to go to her wedding one day. he told me a couple of weeks ago he was planning to have me walk her. >> that's huge. the dad's role in the wedding, the main reason this story is out there, to really show what
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the doctors are like at the arnold palmer hospital for children. >> you're right. you never get to see that. when you're in that situation, you're so focused on the patient, you forget the doctors are human beings as well. >> when that dad gives me a call and tells me to walk chloe down the aisle, i'll probably retire after that, because i don't think there could be a greater sense of fulfillment after that. this video is entitled adventures of a dominican. the reason he's in finland, for his birthday several friends pitched in. to give back while he was in finland -- his goal was 114. he gets all the way to 70 but then he stops. that's why he's sitting down making a sign, explaining. >> my friends bought me a plane
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tibet to come here as a kid. i promised i would for each of them. >> finland are warm. >> funny you say finland people are warm. he says -- >> i heard finland people weren't that friendly -- >> he stands with his sign for a while showing it to people. the girls are looking at him like he's a weirdo. there's a dude with a website. they are not really understanding the message because the sign is upside down. the cool thing is that same guy becomes the first guy to give him a hug. all of a sudden these other people started coming over to hug them. >> all it takes is the first hug. >> of course he did get to his goal, except he liked the hugging so much he just kept going. he ended up getting 204 hugs at the end. >> hug it out. >> hugs are easy.
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in the uk there's a wonderful town night brighton. they put up their christmas lights. i want you to tell me if you notice anything peculiar about these lights. >> oh, no. >> you are kidding me. who did that. >> what's that look like to you, nick. >> looks like man parts. >> that's not the only thing they have done to the christmas lights. >> oh, no. apparently somebody is saying something about some of the commercialism about the holidays but they are not done. look at this angel and look at santa. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, c't even show that one on tv. >> what the heck happened here. >> i hate my job. >> maybe this person's job should be a light designer. they are pretty good at that. >> maybe that's what this person does. >> whoever got the contract to do the decorations is a grinch.
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>> this is a prank. this was done by the pope which -- >> the pope. >> the poke. p-o-k-e. it's been edited. they do funny stuff with the lights. the council said we don't have anything to do with the lights. it's a joke. it's not real. but it's giving us a high-profile. >> hold on a second here. just so i'm clear, the joke is the edited video. this does not exist. this never was reality. >> this is not reality. you are looking at edited video. >> i'm disappointed. i thought that would be really dang funny. >> see the stunning video from a philly train and the bold action one man takes. >> and so casually. >> see what happens and why when the train doors open next. >> and the discovery channel investigators want to know what caused the famous hindenburg air
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shipment disaster. >> you cracked the case? we just have to watch the w
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lately cars have been getting smaller and smaller. gas prices are high. this is maybe taking it to the extreme. the guy is riding a go-cart down the street in sidney, australia. funny looking, pretty silly. watch what happens when the light turns red.
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>> oh, no. oh, no. what is he doing? >> they are entertained. >> they are very entertained. the australian accent makes everything in this situation sound that funny. >> going down to the square. give me the [ bleep ] [ laughter ] >> of course this guy is in front of all the traffic right at the red light. you know he wanted to be hidden between a few big trucks there but he's right out in the open. >> this is funny. >> watch you entertain. >> hey, this guy is a winner. he's wearing the number one plate on his go-cart, he's on his way. >> definitely on his way
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somewhere. >> hey. silly sneeze. this is surveillance video from the l train in philadelphia. you see two men believed to be teenagers riding in one of the cars. >> then you see other passengers get into the train. at some point there was some sort of confrontation between the two guys that were originally in the train and the new ones that came on. >> they were reportedly arguing over chicago bulls versus sixers game, which had just been won by the bulls. then these two men prepared to exit the train when it stopped. but look at what the one in the blue does. he turns around, pulls the gun
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and shoots back into the train, striking one of the men through the and men and striking another in the thigh. the bullet went through his stomach and into the thigh of the other man. >> over a verbal altercation. >> and so casually. he very casually walked out of the train. he turns around and like nothing just -- you just see everybody run and hide for cover. >> thank goodness even though they have their hos the one su in the blue here. >> yes. >> at this angle. >> police are looking for the suspects. >> wintertime in france means time to hit the beach. >> watching this video warms you
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it's the time of the year you just want to hop out of these stupid work clothes and put on your nice christmas time sweats. you know what i mean? >> yes. >> brett and linc agree. ♪ you get some red sbets i got green sweats we switch them up ♪ >> get it. >> i get red sweats, you get green, we switch them up, then we have christmas sweats. ♪ you get some red sweats
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i got green sweats then we switch them up we've got christmas sweats ♪ >> if you watch, there's a moment they opt for no swe whatsoever. see if you can find that. head to and click on best of rtm and you will have this christmas song stuck in your head all day like we do. ♪ you get the green sweats i get the red sweats we switch them up have christmas sweats ♪ >> herbert morrison uttered the famous words, oh, the humanity during what disaster. >> the hindenburg. >> 1936, crashed down in a ball of flames in new jersey. one of the things people don't know about the hindenburg is that no one has been able to provide a satisfactory explanation why or how the hindenburg crashed, until now that is. the folks from the discovery
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curiosity series are testing to see what might have actually brought the hindenburg down. the team put together three different 80-foot scale models of the hindenburg and recreated moments to figure out what happened. to tell us more about it we have one of the lead "curiousity" investigators. what happened. >> we wanted to know what started the fire. at the time of the crash there were theories about what had done it. some of the popular ones was explosive paint, another somebody shot it down. we took each of these theories, brought them into a lab setting and tested them. we were left with three worthwhile theories. we took those out and tested them and tested them. >> you cracked the case? do we have to watch the show to find out what really happened?
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>> i'll let you know. it wasn't the paint. it wasn't shot down. one thing you should know, there was a tremendous amount of hydrogen loose instead the zeppelin. they knew that, too. they built ventilation tubes in the ship. the ventilation was full of fresh air, hydrogen, oxygen. that's a great recipe for an explosion. >> the show is called "what destroyed the hindenburg?" on discovery channel's "curiousity" series. >> even though it's winter people are hitting the beaches to do bodybuilding. this is in france. >> that's what this guy did. using his camera. >> he captured some cool shots in the middle of winter. >> watching this video warms you up. makes you think of beach, sand, surf, sun. >> yeah, i remember summertime. we'll get there again to warmer days.
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i still like to think this time of year is gout gingerbread men and hot cocoa. >> cool, nice touch. >> or ski mask. that's our show. have an awesome weekend everybody. we'll see you on monday.


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